Olivia's 2nd Fiesta

Olivia's birthday party fell on the 5th of May, so we thought why not have a fiesta for her birthday party. When deciding what to do for Olivia's birthday we take into consideration that both sides of the family don't live in the area so we like holding small family gatherings at our home, so that both sides of the family can visit while celebrating a birthday. The best decision I have ever done is cater food for the party. I highly recommend catering Chipotle. Everything is already taken care ahead of time for you.  All you have to do is pick it up at your schedule time. Also, it takes off loads of stress to get your house ready, get all the decorations ready and drinks and the last thing you have to worry about is if the food is prepared. 


We had Margaritas and Beer for drinks and kept the appetizers simple. This year we only got Olivia her mini birthday cake, which she is definitely the cleanest 2 year old I know. She kept her area very clean and she only stuck her index finger in the frosting. For a 2 year old birthday party I highly suggest not to go all out on decor, drinks, food, party favors, or dessert. Why? Because, majority of the reason you are holding a party is to gather friends and family. Yes, for a very special person, but these gatherings are a lot of work for a tiny person who ultimately won't remember their 2nd birthday. 

I love throwing parties and hosting parties at my house. I majored in Hospitality so one of the big areas for the major was event planning. Most of my classes were putting on banquets whether it was for 500 guests for the University or if it was for a smaller wine party. I absolutely love getting the house ready with decorations, which I purchased all of mine with Party City. Extremely easy and they have about every color. With having a second baby all my time planning Olivia's birthday party had to be convenient and easy.

After the party Peter and I were talking about how lucky we are that both sides of the family can come together and celebrate Olivia's birthday with us. We have my side of the family that flies in from Orange County and Peter's side that drives up from Fresno. We might not see each other all the time but both sides have a genuine like towards one another and can have a conversation with each other. Peter and I feel so lucky and fortunate to have an amazing family who loves us and our girls.